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Never miss a chance to dance!  For 30 years, Debbie’s Dance Company has provided quality dance instruction for all ages.  Debra Ford, Owner and Director, brings a multitude of national and international dance experience to the repertoire of her studio.  Along with several other talented instructors, Debbie’s Dance Company (DDC), is proud to help your dancer enjoy movement, learn musicality, and nurture a dedication and passion for dancing.


From the recreational dancer in it for energy and fun, to the competitive dancer after precision and technique, DDC is a one-stop shop for all major dance styles.  Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary Lyrical, Modern, Hip-hop, Tap, and Acrobatics instruction is available at DDC.  Our mission is to provide dance instruction in all styles to instill the pure joy of movement to music.  And of course, dance is great exercise!  It provides both aerobic and anaerobic exercise, improves balance and flexibility, is an amazing creative outlet, and inspires musically.


Our studio is home to five competitive teams ranging in size and abilities.  Our competitive goal is to provide precise technique, cultivate teamwork, and motivate dancers to become self-disciplined workers who give 100% effort in the studio and on the stage.  DDC is proud to be consistent national competitive champions for over 15 years.


So don’t miss that chance to dance.  Call, email, or visit Debbie’s Dance Company today.

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